Thursday, November 27, 2014

Things That Don't Exist

Things that don’t exist:
Dragons, fairies, unicorns,
Thanksgiving, perfect circles,
Love, hate, romance,
America, the dollar,
Socialism, capitalism,
The Dow Jones Industrial Index.

Things that don’t exist that can kill you:
Sadness, anxiety, war,
Disability, depression, hypertension,
Negative body image, diets, addiction,

Things that don’t exist that can get you killed:
Colors, race, God,
Money, debt, homelessness,
Sudden movements,
The appearance of disrespect,
The appearance of being an imminent threat,
The appearance of poverty,
Poverty, wealth, hatred,

Things that don’t exist that can make you live forever:
Poetry, community, art,
Stories, songs, conversations,
Knowledge, meditation,

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