Sunday, November 23, 2014

Angry Fun for Ladies

Angry women should put on boxing gloves
To show how angry they are.
Boxing gloves symbolize pugilism,
Bellicosity, aggression, signal to your
Opponent that you are not afraid of confrontation.
Nay, that you invite it.
If you don’t look pretty enough with black
Against your face, no worries.
There are pink gloves for ladies.
In the biggest size they are quite
Flattering, making your lower arm look
Small and thin and dainty.
Pose with your boxing gloves, up
By your face. Make a grrr-face.
Really go for it, grrrrrr.
Wrinkle your nose like a hungry bunny.
Grrrrrrrrrr! How tough you are!
(Don’t worry, you don’t have to actually
Punch anybody to enjoy the toughening
Effects of boxing gloves.)

Also you could wear hand wraps with a bikini.
Hand wraps with a bikini is super sexy. 

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