Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Best, Okay, Worst

These are the best things:
Cat purrs.
Green hills in winter.
The first cup of tea.
Dry sweatshirts over cold sweaty arms.
Middle school jazz band.
The sky when it’s pink or very bright blue.
Pie instead of lunch.
Eating toddler food
With your best friend and her toddler.
Falling down laughing at jokes
You won’t remember tomorrow.

These things are okay:
Alarms to get you up in the morning.
A job. A car. An apartment.
Keeping on top of things.
Being resilient.
Having a strong body.
Knowing that things will work out somehow.
Emergency planning.

These are the worst things:
Routine tests.
Gossip, addictions, lust.
Breaking things.
Moving away.
Moldy forgotten apples.
The need to eat.
Lack of knowledge.
How time only goes in one direction.
The infiniteness of space.

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