Monday, June 22, 2009

What Goes Without Saying

This blog is inspired by the book Mythologies by literary critic Roland Barthes. In this book, Barthes wrote about the mythological significance of common artifacts, events, and institutions from his society, 1950s France, covering such disparate topics as toys, wine, steak, literary criticism, wrestling, and poverty. Barthes writes:

“The starting point of these reflections was usually a feeling of impatience at the sight of the ‘naturalness’ with which newspapers, art, and common sense constantly dress up a reality which, even though it is the one we live in, is undoubtedly determined by history. In short, I resented seeing Nature and History confused at every turn, and I wanted to track down, in the decorative display of what-goes-without-saying, the ideological abuse which, in my view, is hidden there.”

The essays and stories on this blog reflect my view of what-goes-without-saying in my own culture: early twenty-first century America, California, the Bay Area, Oakland.

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Anonymous said...

It's so cool how your blog entries have corresponding original art. Who drew this one?

Olive Green said...

I drew this one! Thanks so much for noticing it; I'm not an artist so I was very proud of myself. My friend Adam did most of the artwork so far, but he's teaching me to draw so I can take over.