Friday, November 7, 2014

Art Week (For Anita Felicelli)


Agent (skirt and sweater): I’m not sure how to market this. It’s a bit esoteric.
Artist (striped socks and bird hat): Yes, esoteric! It’s coming through!


Agent (floral blouse and floral shoes): I don’t think people will relate to this protagonist.
Artist (clogs and knee pads): Could you look in my ear? I think a bug got stuck in there.


Agent (blazer and jeans): You need to build a readership.
Artist (buttons and polka dots): Tweetles. He’s my rat. Want to pet him?


Agent (black stilettos and cashmere): I need you to sell yourself.
Artist (corduroy dress): Can you tell I made this with just a stapler?


Agent (khakis and fleece): How do you plan to make a living?
Artist (one shoe): I’m not sure where the other one went, it’s around here somewhere.


Agent (Lululemon and Uggs): This is not really commercial.
Artist (Foil): Do you ever just listen to Zappa until you forget to eat?

Agent (leggings and rain boots): The ending is too abstract. 
Artist (diagonal): But frogs.

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