Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to Self-Market

First of all, you need a gimmick.
Not a gimmick that seems like a gimmick.
It shouldn’t seem gimmicky.
It should be sincere.
The work should speak for itself.
So make sure that comes through in your
Self-marketing strategy.

If your work is light, friendly, if it invites an audience
Like a warm pumpkin hug on a cold fall day,
If upon hearing about it, people cannot help
But love it already
Then you can make like a facebook page.
A horoscope. A quiz. Something fun.
Everyone will tell everybody about it,
And in no time at all, you will be famous.
Oh, and know your work. Yes.
Of course. In no time at all
Everyone will know your work.
So that in a nutshell
Is how to self-market.

Oh, hm, right. If your work is heavy,
Dark or off-putting. If upon hearing about it,
People shrug, shiver, roll their eyes,
Pour extra stevia packets into their lattes.
Yes, of course, what then?
What then.
Perhaps try greater reflectiveness.
Turn inward. Find a religion.
It doesn’t matter which one; the point is
That you should really believe in it.
The power of prayer will be of value to you.
Pray that your work is good.
Pray that it is the deepest, purest form of love
In the form of art that one human can express to another.
Pray that you are the secret genius you secretly know you
Are not but secretly desperately wish to be.
Pray that the work is world-shaking.
True greatness is the most effective marketing, so pray.
Pray for greatness.
Pray the work will speak for itself.

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